2002 Survey Findings

In 2002, 1734 men (62% response rate) were surveyed and significant increases in sexual risk behaviour were evident for the first time.  In 1996 and 1999, 11% of men surveyed reported unprotected anal intercourse with casual partners, compared with 19% in 2002.  Men were also more likely to report that they ‘knew’ their casual partners’ HIV status, despite no increase in HIV testing. 


2002 Williamson L, Dodds J, Mercey J, Johnson A, Hart G. Increases in HIV-related sexual risk behaviour among community samples of gay men in London and Glasgow: How do they compare? Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 2006; 42:238-241.

2002 Hart G, Williamson L. Increase in HIV sexual risk behaviour in gay men in Scotland, 1996-2002: Prevention failure? Sexually Transmitted Infections 2005; 81:367-372.


2014 Survey

We have completed our 2014 survey in Glasgow, Edinburgh and this year, Dundee!  A huge amount of thanks goes to all the men who took part and to the venues and research partners who supported our work.

We've written up the findings from our 2011 survey. You can see a summary of the findings and the published papers on our 2011 findings page.