The MRC Gay Men's Sexual Health Survey, Scotland is led by Lisa McDaid, Programme Leader for Sexual Health at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow.  The survey has been conducted with gay and bisexual men in bars and saunas in Glasgow and Edinburgh every three years since 1996.  Men who take part are asked to complete a short, anonymous questionnaire about their recent sexual behaviour and sexual health service use.  Since 2005, we have also collected oral fluid samples to be tested anonymously for HIV.  This allows us to estimate HIV prevalence and undiagnosed infection among the gay and bisexual men who take part. The 2014 survey will also test for Hepatitis C.

This survey provides important data on the sexual health of gay and bisexual men in Scotland.  It captures valuable information from men who do not regularly attend sexual health clinics and provides a snapshot of men 'on the gay scene' in Scotland. The most recent survey took place in 2011. See our Findings page for more information on the survey results.

2014 Survey

We have completed data collection for our 2014 survey and will now begin to analyse the findings.  We visited three cities in Scotland and the participant information sheets are available here: Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.

Data Sharing

We are committed to maximizing the use of the MRC Gay Men's Sexual Health Survey, Scotland to advance knowledge and improve sexual health.  We welcome proposals for collaborative projects and data sharing.  Find out more about our data sharing policy on our data sharing page 


2014 Survey

We have completed our 2014 survey in Glasgow, Edinburgh and this year, Dundee!  A huge amount of thanks goes to all the men who took part and to the venues and research partners who supported our work.

We've written up the findings from our 2011 survey. You can see a summary of the findings and the published papers on our 2011 findings page.